FoundersBoost Founders FAQ

This document is an aggregation of frequently asked questions surrounding the program with quick answers and links to resources.

Table of Contents

Program Resources


  1. Where do we find links to our sessions?

    We use Airmeet for our sessions except in select areas. Your Program Leaders should have sent you a calendar invite with a link to the Airmeet Event they will be using for the duration of the program.

    If you do not see the calendar invite, you can also find them at in the table in the “Program Specific Quicklinks” section of the page


Founders Program Playbook

  1. Where do I find an agenda of what we will be going over on a weekly basis?

    The weekly agenda can be found here in your Founders Program Playbook. Note, some regions will deviate slightly from this weekly format.

  2. How do I get access to the Founders Program Playbook

    The Founders Program Playbook is a hidden workshop that is only accessible by those who join the program. We have a special package that includes the FPP, Perks, and a few other special resources that we provide to you all included in the program.

    If you have already signed up for FoundersBoostX, then you simply click this link (while signed in) and click the button to get access to all of the different resources!

    If you have not signed up yet, then you can click this link to sign up and it will automatically include all of those resources when you sign up!


  1. How do I update paperstreet?

    On paperstreet there is a Menu Item called “updates” - once there you can “compose update”  Or simply Click the blue “Compose” button and start or continue and update from there.

    Once you’ve written out your update - you must click Select Recipients button, choose ****list or enter email to notify then click Send button to publish your updates, until you do this it will be in draft form only and not visible to your followers or the public.  If you aren’t sure who to send it to, that is okay! You can send it to your program leaders ([email protected]) and/or HQ at [email protected]. We recommend you build a list of followers for your paperstreet updates and send it to them in the future, however.

    You can learn more about reporting on Paperstreet and the value of it with this resource here.

  2. How do I make my paperstreet visible to the portfolio?

    Go into your Paperstreet profile settings and change your “Profile Visibility” to “Portfolio only” (it’ll only appear on the portfolio page) or “Public” (Investors & others searching Paperstreet can find it)

  3. My Program Leader asks me for something different than the Founders Program Playbook says. Which should I follow??

    Most of the programs will follow some version of this standard format. However, we do give Program Leaders the freedom to make some adjustments and changes to the order of sessions and allow them to request additional work/resources from their startups.

    Whenever a Program Leader asks you to prep something that is different from the Founders Program Playbook, unless it is drastically different from the Playbook, you can go ahead and follow what the Program Leader requests of you.

    If the difference does feel significant, then please clarify with the Program Leader or HQ and make sure to reference specifically the differences between the two.

Google Drive

  1. I don’t have permission to access the drive links - how do I get access?

    When you first signed up and filled out your information to register for the program, we asked you to provide a primary email with us. We also asked that if that primary email was not a gmail account that you would provide us with a secondary email. Both/either of those emails have access to the drive. It is highly likely that if you can’t get access to the drive, it is because you are signed into an email account that does not have access.

    You will need to switch to the account associated with the email you selected when signing up to get access.

    If you are not sure which email that is or are still having trouble, reach out to your Program Leader and ask them to check the directory to see which email you used to sign up.

    If you’d like to switch your primary email to a different email address, please reach out to the Global Programs Director or Manager and let them know.